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Why the Telegraph hails St. Lucia as the perfect Caribbean Island

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With more than 7,000 individual islands, choosing which is the best destination of the beautiful and unique Caribbean is not an easy task. The Telegraph has managed to pick the best of an incredibly fine crop, hailing St. Lucia as the perfect Caribbean island.

Take a look at the following reasons why the destination for romance, tranquillity and adventure, is regarded as the perfect spot to head to on the Caribbean.

  • Beautiful views

With crescent-shaped bays scattered in tiny fishing villages, backed by a lush interior of rainforests, dramatic mountains and plunging waterfalls, St. Lucia boasts breathtakingly beautiful views and has understandably become one of the most photographed and painted places on the Caribbean.

  • A snorkeller’s paradise

Divers and snorkellers are at home on St. Lucia, as the island is home to incredible snorkelling experiences. One of the most popular locations for a fascinating snorkelling experience is Anse de Pitons, which lies to the base of the Pitons mountains. This stunning coral reef harbours a plethora of colourful and fascinating sea life. Divers can swim amongst this beguiling maritime world and witness an underwater kingdom like they’ve never seen before.

  • World-renowned beaches

St. Lucia is blessed with a periphery of soft, golden sand, designed for relaxing, soaking up the sun’s rays and enjoying bathing in crystal-clear water. One of the best beaches on the island is Reduit Beach, which stretches for a mile in length next to the bustling town of Rodney Bay.

  • Incredible pampering

The island of St. Lucia is renowned for its luxury and pampering, with virtually every large resort boasting an on-site spa. St. Lucia locals certainly know how to pamper their visitors, offering first-rate massages, healing treatments and luxurious spas and sauna rooms.

Visitors can even enjoy first-class pampering from rainforests spas, located high above the forest in treehouses.

  • Enjoy delectable chocolate

What could be more heavenly than an afternoon’s pampering in a quality spa following by indulging in mouth-watering chocolate?

The island has a long and rich chocolate heritage, which dates to its thriving cocoa industry in the 1700s. Today, this sun-drenched still produces first-rate chocolate that’s renowned around the world.

Such is St. Lucia’s ongoing heritage with chocolate, which makes it a desirable destination for chocoholics, that each August is devoted to a Chocolate Heritage Month. This popular annual event provides locals and visitors alike with the chance to discover the island’s long-established cocoa roots, with plantation tours, chocolate-themed events, chocolate tasting sessions and even chocolate-inspired treatments in St. Lucia’s luxury spas.

With so much to see, do and experience for everyone, we have to say we agree with the Telegraph that St. Lucia is the perfect Caribbean destination.

Enjoy all the fun, sights, sun and relaxation this Caribbean island has to offer by booking a trip to the wonderfully unique and varied St. Lucia.  St. Lucia Holiday Experts will find you an affordable place to stay on this beautiful island that’s luxurious, spacious and welcoming. Get in touch today to make your booking.


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