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Why the Botanical Gardens are a must-see site of St. Lucia

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With stunning scenery, blissful beaches, luxury resorts, and a rich and fascinating history and culture, the Caribbean island of St. Lucia has something for everyone. Its incredibly picturesque coastline remains on of the most photographed and painted shorelines of the Caribbean.

Asides spending leisurely days bathing in the cobalt waters that lap the beautiful beaches St. Lucia is blessed with, there’s plenty of inspiring sites to visit that guarantee a memorable and magical day out.

One such site is St. Lucia’s botanical gardens, known locally as the Diamond Botanical Gardens. These beautiful gardens are that oldest botanical gardens on St. Lucia and cover a vast six-acre expanse.

The gardens comprise of lush vegetation, wonderfully diverse and vibrant plant life and tropical flowers and a host of fascinating flora and fauna. Listening to the calls of hawks, doves and the St Lucian orioles sat high overhead in canopies, never fails to enthral visitors.

A nature trail winds and ascends around the verdant foliage of ferns and banana plants and follows the old ridge trail formerly used to collect the coconuts harvested on the island. This well-maintained path eventually reaches the majestic Diamond Waterfall.

The incredibly pretty Diamond Waterfall is a key feature of the botanical gardens, considered as one of the natural wonders of St. Lucia. As the water skims the rocks, its takes on a kaleidoscopic glow, which shimmers in different colours as the sun slowly passes overhead. This mighty waterfall plunges into a beautiful pool of water below, which is laced in copper sulphur, sulphur, iron, magnesium and calcium.

The flow of the water at the mineral springs varies depending on the time of year but it is always an enthralling place to visit.

The mineral water at the Diamond Waterfall is believed to possess healing qualities. In the 18th century, samples of the water were sent to France by explorers where doctors confirmed the healing power of the minerals in the water.

Consequently, King Louis XIV of France ordered the construction of a large bathhouse next to the springs as a means of harnessing their unique healing properties. During the French Revolution, the bathhouse was destroyed but two of the original baths at the site were restored. Three additional baths were added to the site, which are fed from the overflow of the original tanks.

Today, visitors can immerse themselves in the warm healing water of the springs, which can reach temperatures of around 106 degrees Fahrenheit. These healing waters are recommended for people suffering from sore joints, muscles and from chronic rheumatism.

There is a changing room on the site, as well as a shop and restaurant where you can buy keepsakes from this exceptionally special place on St. Lucia and enjoy a refreshing meal after meandering around the incredibly pretty gardens.

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