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Why Saint Lucia is a great family destination

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Saint Lucia – not far from Barbados and Martinique in the gorgeous Caribbean – is filled with romance, beauty and excitement. It truly has it all, more than just spectacular beaches and deep blue waters, and though you might not have thought it at first, Saint Lucia makes an absolutely exceptional destination for families looking for the perfect holiday.

Not many countries can offer both vibrant culture and stunning natural wonders like Saint Lucia. Its two towering peaks capture the imagination of all who visit, and its community brings inspiration from across the world to create unique music, food and art.

So what can families hoping to explore Caribbean beauty, and have a wonderful time together, expect to find in Saint Lucia for an unforgettable family holiday?

Going back to nature

You’ll be amazed at the huge variety of species you can find in Saint Lucia – things you’ll never have seen before. Choose fascinating guided nature trails through the island, and see vibrantly coloured flowers and plants as well as rare wildlife at its nature reserves and botanical gardens. At the same time, you can enjoy the fantastic views of the twin mountains, the Pitons.

A drive-in volcano

It’s an experience you and your family can’t get anywhere else in the world – the chance to see a breathtaking geological marvel from within. The crater, also known as Sulphur Springs, stretches 4 kilometres, and you’re able to drive right in and experience the amazing space for yourself. You can even take a quick bath in the hot springs and feel the healing mud on your skin.

Fun on the water

At spectacular, beautiful Rodney Bay, you’ll find Splash Island – a wonderful water park featuring inflatables and floating platforms just off the coast. It’s perfect for letting the children enjoy themselves for a whole day!

You can later head back to the shoreline of the fantastic bay to spend a relaxing family afternoon on the warm, sandy beach. Rodney Bay is also surrounded by lively, bustling cafes, shops and restaurants you can peruse at your leisure.

World-leading chocolate

Around the world, Saint Lucia is renowned for some of the most amazing chocolate. In the south of the island, you can try your hand at creating chocolate directly from the plant, seeing the lush landscape in which it is grown, and the intricate care and expertise taken to create globally famous confectionery.

Excellent family-friendly hotels and destinations

If you’re picking somewhere to stay, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to exceptional hotels with beautifully warm pools, top-quality restaurants and more. Many offer convenient and comfortable transfer from your door to the island’s popular destinations.

There’s also safe-swimming beaches and pirate-themed adventures – so no matter how long you’re in exquisite Saint Lucia, your family will have something to keep them engaged and interested.

If you want to take in the Caribbean sun and beautiful views, finding somewhere the whole family will love, Saint Lucia is the choice for you. Throughout the year, it’s an exquisite place for an unforgettable holiday filled with culture, activities and sightseeing the whole family can’t help but enjoy.

Take your next Caribbean holiday on the wonderful island of Saint Lucia – and book your family-friendly accommodation through the Saint Lucia Holiday Experts. We’ll find you an affordable option that’s luxurious, spacious and welcoming. Get in touch today to make your booking.


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