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Top five romantic things for couples to enjoy in St. Lucia

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Saint Lucia and romance have become synonymous as the island has become eternally associated with honeymoons, weddings and anniversary celebrations, as well as more general romantic getaways for love struck couples. The scenery is sublime while the stunning beaches and tropical climate are the perfect setting for a romantic experience unlike any other in the world.

Here are the top five romantic activities for couples to enjoy in St. Lucia…

Dine Out on a Private Dock

There are a large number of private romantic locations where a couple can enjoy each other’s company surrounded by the natural beauty of St. Lucia. One of the best examples are the private docks that have been built by some of the luxury resorts that line the coast. Find one looking over the sea towards the setting sun and you can share a meal together as the sun goes down and fills the sky with a beautiful array of awe-inspiring colours.

Walk the White Sand Beaches

There is a choice of sand hues you can choose from in Saint Lucia, with there being plenty of classic golden sand beaches around the coast. However, the most romantic type of beach has to be the white sand beaches that adorn so many picture postcards. Such beaches in Saint Lucia are numerous and usually palm-fringed, with plenty of quiet and more private stretches for a couple to each other’s company without the hubbub of other holiday-makers.

For one beach boasting that beautiful white sand, head to the Anse des Pitons which stretches beneath the twin peaks of the Pitons. The Anse Chastanet beach features silvery white sand at the northern end of the island which is especially romantic as it is surrounded by steep hills covered with lush rainforest.

Luxurious Adults-Only Hotels

Of course many a discerning romantic couple will be spending plenty time together in their hotel, so why not go all out and ensure your stay is perfect by booking in at an adults-only luxury resort. Such places are much calmer and quieter than resorts with lots of families having the best (and noisiest) time of their lives. There are plenty of all-inclusive options and even resorts that provide each individual suite with its own private plunge pool and a butler to assist your every whim.

Explore the Magical Mamiku Gardens

These gardens offer a concentration of natural beauty with a range of tropical trees, plants and flowers, some of them endangered, and plenty of fun and colourful wildlife too. There are secret gardens to explore with countless exotic sights and enchanting scents and sounds, and there are even some ancient ruins that make the entire Mamiku Gardens experience feel like something out of a magical fairy tale.

Pop the Question or Tie the Knot

There are few romantic settings to ask your loved one to marry you that are on a par with Saint Lucia. The naturally beautiful backdrops and scenery ensure it will be an unforgettable moment wherever and whenever you decide is the right place and moment to do it. There are also resorts that will help you set up a special surprise proposal such as writing out the words “Marry Me” on the beach with shells and pebbles!

Of course, once the question has been popped, you will find Saint Lucia is also the ideal location to host an exotic wedding ceremony itself. It is certainly one of the best places in the world to enjoy a honeymoon as well, having won the World Travel Awards’ “World’s Leading Honeymoon Destination” for 2018, which is now the tenth time the island of Saint Lucia has won that particular award over the last couple of decades. A truly special destination for couples indeed.

To experience the romantic wonders of the award-winning Saint Lucia, contact St. Lucia Holiday Experts who can find you a suitable and affordable place for you to stay together on this beautiful island that’s luxurious, spacious and perfect for romantic couples. Get in touch today to make your booking!


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