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Three unmissable beaches on St. Lucia

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St Lucia really has the power to take your breath away. Wherever you’re looking from, every angle is picturesque and perfect, whether it’s the flora and fauna, rugged volcanic landscape, or spectacular Caribbean seas that stretch out towards the horizon.

Travellers adore St Lucia for many things, not least its wonderful beaches, which are tranquil and beautiful, sprinkled with lazy palm trees. There are a variety of atmospheres to St Lucia’s beaches – some untouched and abundant with nature, others family-friendly and picture-perfect, and many in-between. It’s up to you to find your favourite.

But which three should you make sure you see before leaving St Lucia?

  1. La Toc

There are many beautiful but popular beaches near the capital, Castries. La Toc is located there but keeps a low-key, peaceful feel, with a partially obscured entry. Its sands are soft and golden and it looks out into the Caribbean from its western aspect.

Step down to La Toc for a brief moment of peace having been in the city. It’s sheltered from any weather due to its crescent shape – turning it into a peaceful cove boasting still waters, and creating a romantic paradise.

  1. Anse Chastanet

This beach is visually stunning and an absolute pleasure to spend time at. Its look is unique – with dark, silvery sand and scattered shady palms under which you could spend a whole day reclining. This is complemented by the wild backdrop of forest trees. Anse Chastanet is also part of the island’s marine reserve, meaning it’s perfect for snorkelling and coral reef exploring.

It’s possible to access this beach by water taxi from Soufrière, meaning you can arrive at this stunning beach in style to enjoy quality time in the quiet surroundings of a real natural wonder. The world over, you won’t see anything quite like this area.

  1. Grande Anse

The west coast is where you can see all of St Lucia’s beaches, popular and less well-known. But a real one-of-a-kind experience can be had at Grande Anse, truly set away from the settled part of St Lucia on its east coast. The area it’s in was once a plantation, and is a natural paradise soon to become part of a national park.

What you won’t find on even the less-visited west coast beaches that Grande Arne can boast is the presence of amazing wildlife. Excited naturalists can see endangered leatherback turtles where they lay their eggs, to be hatched later in the year.

St Lucia’s beaches have everything on offer – from wildlife to watersports. Whether you’re on the island to see its unique landscape or soak up the Caribbean sun, make sure not to miss these unique sandy shores.

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