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Five reasons to choose St. Lucia as your Caribbean Island destination

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St. Lucia is often described as the most beautiful of the Caribbean islands, and it really is a destination that has it all and offers something for everybody. Whether you are looking for a peaceful and relaxing time surrounded by unforgettable scenery, or a party atmosphere with fun activities and celebrations of the local culture, St. Lucia is the perfect place for you.

Below we describe five of the best reasons to choose St. Lucia as your Caribbean island destination.

Stunning Scenery

St. Lucia is surrounded by sumptuous landscapes creating wonderful views in practically any direction you care to cast your gaze.

Much of the island is covered by lush, tropical rainforest, with the volcanic and mountainous peaks visible in the distance wherever you go on the island. The highest peak is Mt. Gimie near the centre of St. Lucia, although perhaps the most recognisable landmarks are the two Pitons on the west side.

The largest of the Pitons even features an incredible nature trail you can hike to access some incredible photography opportunities.

Beautiful Beaches

The magnificent Saint Lucian beaches are worth the trip all by themselves as they surround most of the island while offering different kinds of enjoyment depending on exactly what you are looking for.

If you want to enjoy the sea with some serious waves then head to the western coast, though there are much calmer waters to be found elsewhere around the island. There are lots of water sports to be enjoyed too, including a variety of special snorkelling spots where you can explore the vibrant coral reefs.

Most of the beaches are long and sandy and all are open to the public, with many featuring bars and restaurants so you can enjoy some great food (more on that below) or a tasty cocktail as you watch the sun setting on the horizon.

Visit the Volcanic Sites

While the volcano on St. Lucia may be dormant now, that wasn’t always the case. This means there are lots of old volcanic sites to visit as well as a legacy of hot springs and mud baths to be enjoyed.

The Sulphur Springs can be found on a road that runs right through the very crater of the old volcano itself!

Festivals and Fun

With so much natural beauty to be experienced, it is easy to relax and takes things slow in St. Lucia, but there are also many thrilling opportunities to party and have the time of your life too.

There are multiple festivals held throughout the year, such as the colourful St. Lucia Carnival that takes over the capital city Castries in June. There is also the Food and Rum festival and the Jazz and Arts festival, as well as the spiritual Festival of Lights and Renewal celebration in December.

Even if you can’t make it to one of the main festivals, the local islanders often hold Friday night street parties and welcome visitors to join them in their fun and frolics.

Fine Food and Drink

St. Lucia boasts some delicious sea food specialities such as lobster, salt fish, grilled mahi mahi and snapper. Other local delights include green figs, breadfruit, callaloo soup, lambi and conch fritters, with many of the dishes served with a special spicy Caribbean sauce.

Also, if you are fond of chocolate then St. Lucia is the ideal destination for you thanks to the Hotel Chocolat on the western side of the island. There you can not only taste a wide variety of locally-produced chocolates, but also learn about the cacao production process and even indulge in making your very own chocolate treats.

Of course, some of you may be more interested in the many high-quality rums produced and presented by the local Saint Lucians!

If you want to experience the geographical wonders and the fun and friendly culture of this beautiful Caribbean island, contact St. Lucia Holiday Experts who can  find you an affordable place to stay so you can enjoy everything St. Lucia has to offer.


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