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Explore the Tropical Gardens of St. Lucia

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Saint Lucia is renowned for being a very beautiful island, but even within its own natural beauty there are special places that are almost beyond imagination. These special places are Saint Lucia’s two botanical gardens, one in the east of the island and the other in the west.

Take a look at the exotic flora and plant life special to the island, as well as the many wonderful hummingbirds and butterflies that have made their homes on this stunning island, with the following information about the two breathtakingly beautiful botanical gardens on Saint Lucia.

Mamiku Gardens

Located on the eastern coast of Saint Lucia between the villages of Praslin and Mon Repos, Mamiku Gardens are located on the grounds of a former sugar plantation. The botanical gardens themselves consist of an extensive array of tropical flora, with one of the loveliest sights being the amazing orchids that grow there. A flora identification booklet is supplied to every visitor who wants one which details all 247 of the plant and flower species in the gardens. There are lots of scented flowers and other aromatic plants to enjoy, as well as many medicinal herbs to learn about. There are also some species of endangered trees and plants to appreciate. 

As well as all the beautiful plants and flowers, there are hiking trails and bird watching tours available to learn about the avian wildlife that live in and around the gardens.

There are also historical remnants to explore, with the estate where the gardens are located having quite a storied history. It was originally gifted to the Baron de Micoud by King Louis XIV of France in the early eighteenth century. Legend has it then the name of the gardens isn’t actually Japanese as it might sound but derives from the local people’s pronunciation of the Baron’s wife’s name, Madame Micoud.

Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens

Located about a mile east of Soufrière town centre on the western side of the island, the Diamond Falls botanical gardens feature tropical flowers and interesting trees growing all around another old colonial-era estate. A special addition here is that these botanical gardens also include mineral baths which you can take a soothing dip in. There is the choice of small public pools which everyone can share in, or you can have a more private (and less scenic) experience in one of the enclosed private bathhouses.

The baths were originally built in the latter part of the eighteenth century on the site of some natural hot springs by the occupying French troops who hoped to benefit from their therapeutic effects. The name of these botanical gardens is no accident either, as there is indeed a waterfall that can be discovered at the end of a nice trail. Swimming is not permitted in the pool beneath the falls, but the beautiful view is certainly worth seeking out.

There are usually plenty of guides waiting around the entrance to the gardens, and they will be able to walk with you and describe the flora as you go. Technically the guides are free because they are not legally permitted to charge a fee, but it is good form to offer a reasonable gratuity for their helpful knowledge.

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