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Enjoy Fine Dining in St. Lucia

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There is so much fine dining to be enjoyed on St. Lucia that you should probably pack some clothes a size or two larger than usual, so you have something to wear on the way home! Here is just a sample of some of the wonderful restaurants, cafes and eateries to experience on the island of St. Lucia.

Jambe De Bois

Popular with locals as well as visitors, head down to the Jambe de Bois (Wooden Leg) for a fine meal complemented by a wonderful view of the bay. The food on offer is varied although expect smaller and more artistically prepared meals, though always of the highest quality and usually with a Mediterranean theme.

Spice of India

Located by the shopping complex at the start of the Rodney Bay strip, the Spice of India restaurant has carved out a reputation for itself as producing some of the best Indian food not just in St. Lucia, but in the whole Caribbean. Experienced Indian chefs create all manner of mouth-watering curries for you to enjoy.

Boucan Restaurant & Bar

The Boucan is a very modern restaurant with a relaxed atmosphere and a menu focused on cocoa-inspired cuisine. Locally sourced cocoa features predominantly in many of the dishes across all three courses, with the dessert menu unrivalled if you are a fan of cocoa.

Rainforest Hideaway

Another restaurant overlooking the bay, this time with a much more intimate feel helped by the low lighting and elegant décor. The intimacy is further enhanced by the restaurant only being accessible via a small ferry from the docks. On most evenings there is a live jazz band playing softly to accompany your meal, which will consist of local dishes with a modern take.


Many of St. Lucia’s most popular resorts benefitted from the farm-to-table philosophy of Chef Orlando Sachell, though he has now opened his own personal restaurant right in Soufrière on the west coast of the island. Due to how Chef Orlando sources his ingredients, the menu is always apt to change so return visits may spring a pleasant surprise.

Pink Plantation House

The restaurant within the art gallery known as the Pink Plantation House is surprisingly high quality, especially the Sunday brunch buffet. The building is an old colonial mansion surrounded by beautiful scenery so the views while you eat are truly amazing.

La Terrasse

This backstreet French restaurant is where you go to sample some of the finest cuisine on the island. Here you can taste French delights such as frogs’ legs and escargot. The food is prepared so wonderfully here that even if you are not a particularly adventurous eater, it is absolutely worthwhile trying something a little out of your comfort zone. As the venue is very intimate, expect to book a table in advance.

The Reef Beach Cafe

This easy-going cafe lets you relax under the trees at tables with an awesome view of the sea as you dine on tasty Creole seafood. The seafood dishes are delicious, but there are also non-seafood options such as lasagne and a variety of salads too. Great value, great fun, and great food!

Coal Pot

The Coal Pot is one of the lesser known dining delights of St. Lucia, but it is worth seeking out to experience the pure tranquillity of the surroundings as well as the tasty food. It is just far enough from the hustle and bustle of the town centre that you can really listen to the music of the sea. The meals are mostly French-Creole with a contemporary twist, using locally sourced spices and fresh produce.


You might not think pizza sounds like the finest of dining, but Elena’s boasts a serving that might just change your mind. However, the real attraction of Elena’s is the mouth-watering array of real gelati, a scrumptious frozen dessert to help you cool down and chill out after a after a long hot day.

If you want to experience St. Lucia’s many fine dining options, contact St. Lucia Holiday Experts who can find you an affordable place to stay on this beautiful island that’s luxurious, spacious and welcoming. Get in touch today to make your booking!


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