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Discovering the unique geography of St. Lucia

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The volcanic island of St. Lucia is famed for its unique geographical landscape. This beautiful island is one of the most mountainous in the Caribbean and features several iconic peaks, which rise dramatically from a terrain dominated by dense rainforest.

Rivers wind and bend through this lush Caribbean island, eventually meeting a periphery of golden sands and vast stretches of coral reef.

One of St. Lucia’s most famous geographical landmarks is the Piton Mountains. Hailed as the most photographed site in the Caribbean, this majestic pair of mountains stand to the south of the town of Soufriere on the west coast of island. The unmistakable pointed shape of Gros Piton stands at 771m next to its twin Petit Piton, which peaks at 743m above the azure waters of the Caribbean shimmering below. While slightly lower, Petit Piton is the steeper of the two mountains and presents a more challenging climb.

The Pitons were the result of volcanic activity on St. Lucia around a million years ago when boiling magma hardened inside two volcanoes. When the volcanoes eroded, the hardened magma remained and formed the Pitons.

Throughout the years, it has been believed that these regal mountains had mystical powers. In 2004, the Pitons were given World Heritage status. Such is the prestige of these volcanic plugs, which are a symbol of St. Lucia, the Pitons feature on the island’s flag.

Climbing to the top of these cone-shaped mountains is a leading attraction of the island. Due to the steepness of its slopes, locals only advise experienced climbers tackle Petit Piton. Those who manage to reach the summit of the Pitons are rewarded with incredible views that stretch over the island and out to sea.

Though the Pitons aren’t the highest point on St. Lucia. The tallest peak is Mount Gimie, which rises to an impressive 958 metres and stands loftily in the island’s south-central mountain range.

St. Lucia’s flourishing rainforest is another beguiling geographical feature of the island. This beautiful rainforest covers a vast 19,000 acres and is made up of plunging valleys and soaring mountains. The rainforest is home to a plethora of rare flora and fauna, including vibrantly-coloured birds and unusual flowers. Due to its tropical ecosystem, the rainforest is a breeding ground for the likes of wild orchids and mushrooms.

Another fascinating natural landmark of St. Lucia is its sulphur springs, cited as the world’s only drive-in volcano. The air that hangs over the springs is dense and smelly. As the iron mixes with the sulphur a chemical reaction is created, which turns the water black.

The springs were created when a weak spot of a huge crater collapsed and released a river of lava around 410,000 years ago. In places, the water in the springs is 170 degrees Celsius. Swathes of steam rises from the water, adding to the mystery and atmosphere of the site.

These beguiling springs can be found towards the southwestern side of St. Lucia, not far from the town of Soufrière on the West Coast of the island. Unsurprisingly, Soufrière means sulphur in French.

Lazier days can be spent on the beautiful sandy beaches that ring the island, interwoven by pretty, small bays, the perfect place for relaxing and watching life on this fascinating Caribbean island go by.

If you are looking to be inspired by the most breath-takingly beautiful and unique of natural wonders, the small volcanic island of St. Lucia, with its dense jungle and central ridge of mountains carpeted in forests, certainly won’t disappoint.

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