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Discovering the cuisine of St. Lucia

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The sun-drenched, verdant island of St. Lucia is world-renowned for its fine cuisine served in the many five-star Michelin restaurants scattered around this beautiful Caribbean destination. 

While much of the food on St. Lucia is influenced with a Jamaican flavour, the island is known for its distinct culinary style, which has been mastered and cherished for centuries.

Tasty, home-cooked dishes are made from organic, locally-sourced produce, giving cuisine on St. Lucia an original and distinct identity and taste, with an exceptionally punchy and fresh taste.

If you’re lucky enough to be heading to this beguiling island and are interested in learning more about its cuisine, take a look at what you can expect to wine and dine on during your stay at the captivating St. Lucia.

A seafood lover’s haven

Being just 27 miles in length, 14 miles wide and surrounded by a stunning coastline of powder-white beaches and translucent lagoons, St. Lucia boasts an abundance of fresh seafood all year round.

Naturally, fish and seafood are dominant features on menus across the island, with restaurants competing to outdo each other in the flamboyance stakes to showcase their creative culinary talent.

Lobster is a favourite seafood delicacy, which is caught fresh the same day by divers, often using little more than a hand spear and snorkel. Chefs have fun with this popular dish, serving delicious lobster sushi, steamed lobster tails and lobster ceviche.

Another St. Lucia seafood staple is salt fish and green figs., made from a plant that grows in profusion on the island – green unripe bananas, which locals refer to as figs.

This mouth-watering dish is prepared with peppers, onions and local herbs and spices and is all but guaranteed on the menus in the top-quality restaurants.


From coconut cake to coconut bread, coconut herbs to curries, it’s safe to safe coconut is a leading ingredient in St. Lucia’s cuisine. In fact, the island’s endless access to coconuts and their milk, helps give St. Lucia’s dishes their distinct taste with most of the meals, whether they’re made with fish, meat and vegetables, or are sweet dishes, being brought to life with a healthy soaking of coconut in some shape or form.

St. Lucia rum

With food this good, meals on St. Lucia needs to be accompanied with equally high-quality beverages. Like the whole of the Caribbean, St. Lucia is famed for its fabulous rums, which are exported around the world. Rum-drinking is an intrinsic part of life on St. Lucia, which is known especially for producing darker rums, packed with incredible flavour.

St. Lucia rum punch is a refreshing and revitalising drink, which is savoured by diners, particularly on those warm summer evenings. St. Lucian rum punch is made from lime juice, orange juice, nutmeg, cinnamon, angostura bitters and, of course, lashings of rum – the perfect accompaniment to a fresh, zesty St. Lucian dish.

Such is the passion for cooking and mastering the culinary skills that have been passed down from generation to generation on St. Lucia, that the island is home to a fast-growing number of cookery schools.

If you’re interested in learning more about the island’s unique culinary heritage and traditions, then why not book yourself onto a cookery class during you stay in St. Lucia?

Classes are suitable for all levels of chefs, from complete beginners to professional cooks!

Alternatively, you could just book a table at a Michelin-starred seafront restaurant and tuck into a dish of fresh lobster washed down with a glass of Jamaican rum, whilst watching the sun set on the ocean’s horizon – On St. Lucia, the choice is yours!

If you are planning a holiday to this charming Caribbean island, then let the St. Lucia Holiday Experts find you the best deals on accommodation and excursions. Get in contact with our team of St. Lucia holiday experts today to begin your journey to a magical, memorable holiday where you can enjoy first-rate cuisine with a truly unique flavour.



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