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Detoxify and Relax at St Lucia’s Mudbaths and Sulphur Springs

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A visit to St. Lucia will be enjoyable enough if you just explore the beaches and the fine cuisine available there, but to make it truly memorable you should make sure to visit the Sulphur Springs and experience the detoxifying wonders of the nearby mud baths.

St. Lucia Sulphur Springs

There are so many amazing sights on the island of St. Lucia, but few can rival the unique wonder that is the Sulphur Springs. They are located about 3km south of Soufrière, a town on the west coast of the island. The town itself is a must-visit location as you can also see the Pitons, enjoy nature trails or visit a couple of old colonial mansions. One of the main attractions though is the Sulphur Springs, a natural geothermal wonder and product of the island’s dormant volcano.

Even though the area featuring the hot springs is nicknamed the “world’s only drive-in volcano”, don’t expect to see a classic crater that you might normally associate with volcanoes. The Sulphur Springs are what you get instead, as they were formed when the original crater collapsed due to a weak spot in the earth’s crust. Think of it as seeing the insides of a volcano, but thankfully without all the hot lava spurting about everywhere. The cliffs surrounding the Sulphur Springs give away their origin, if the springs themselves didn’t, as they are all sorts of colours ranging from pink to yellow.

Thanks to this particular quirk of formation, the area has become an awe-inspiring place with steaming pools of boiling mud which can be safely observed from raised platforms. You will gawp in wonder as hissing vents of steam and clouds of sulphur gas burst out of the ground while the mud bubbles all around. It is a truly magical experience which has proven to be especially popular with younger visitors, most probably because of its resemblance to an alien world from another planet.

One word of caution is that the area is rather stinky thanks to the sulphur, so prepare your nostrils for an intense experience of their own!

St. Lucia Mud Baths

The Sulphur Springs are not just an experience for your eyes (and nose) though, as the mud and water that flows nearby is rich in minerals that are beneficial to your health. Close to the Sulphur Springs is a naturally thermally heated river, with an area dammed off so it forms a pool for visitors to enjoy a relaxing and detoxifying dip. There are other man-made pools too featuring the thermally heated water, some with temperatures reaching as high as the late 30s (Celsius).

In these mineral-rich waters, bathers can apply mud facials or even go for the full body mud bath if you don’t mind standing around covered in mud for a couple of hours or so! There are guides on hand to help you get completely covered in mud if you so choose, and I do mean completely!

There are tours you can take where local experts will explain all the technical geological stuff, although you are welcome to just enjoy the mud baths without learning all the reasons behind them.

A lovely bonus of visiting these St. Lucian mud baths is that you can buy a ball of the dried mineral-rich volcano mud to take home with you, so you can apply another mud facial (or wherever you prefer) when you get home.

To experience the St. Lucian mud baths and the extraordinary Sulphur Springs, contact St. Lucia Holiday Experts who can find you an affordable place to stay on this beautiful island that’s luxurious, spacious and welcoming. Get in touch today to make your booking!


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