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Best snorkelling sites in St. Lucia

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Among the many fun and exciting experiences to be had on the island of St. Lucia, snorkelling must rank as one of the most unforgettable. You can explore the colourful coral reefs and witness all the delightful marine life for the very first time or as a veteran snorkeler as there is something for every level of snorkelling experience.

Here are just five of the best snorkelling sites in St Lucia…

Reduit Beach

This area is not actually the best for snorkelling itself, but it does offer alternative activities such as lounging on the beach, swimming or boating. These options make Reduit Beach a good area for a group of friends or a family to visit, especially if only a select number of the group actually want to snorkel while others don’t.

The reefs closer to shore here tend to be quite small, with the deeper water further out offering better views but also an increased risk of meeting jellyfish and boat traffic. It is still a good place to try a bit of snorkelling if you are not too serious about it.

Anse Chastanet Beach

The most popular snorkelling spot around St. Lucia is undoubtedly just off the shore of Anse Chastanet beach. It is a shallow water reef nicknamed Fairy World because of the high number of bright coloured fish that populate the reef. This spot is an ideal place for first timers and novices to learn snorkelling in a safe environment that still offers fantastic underwater scenery to explore.

The snorkelling area is also sectioned off to prevent boat traffic from disturbing the marine life as well as the snorkelers. The shallow water around the reef also allows plenty of light to reach the coral and thus this is a perfect place for some underwater photography.

Anse Cochon Beach

If you want to avoid the crowds of learners and head somewhere a bit more obscure where the snorkelling crowd is mostly populated by locals rather than tourists, then Anse Cochon is for you. This area doesn’t get a huge amount of attention by travel guides, but it is definitely one of the best snorkelling sites around the island of St. Lucia.

The marine life around the coral here is densely populated and it is a deceptively large area to explore. Extra excitement can be had by seeking out octopus and squid who prefer living among the many patch reefs and rock formations they make their homes in.

Anse de Pitons Beach

Arguably the most beautiful snorkelling spot in St. Lucia can be found off the shore of the beach at Anse de Pitons. Located at the base of the Pitons – two landmark mountains on the west coast of the island – the scenery here is stunning both under water and above.

This snorkelling area is generally reserved for the more experienced snorkeler as it is quite deep water which includes the remnants of a crater which is now teaming with all sorts of marine wildlife. Once you have learned how to snorkel and are confident in the water, this really is the best place to go to experience some of the best snorkelling to be had in the entire Caribbean.

Virgin Cove

If you are not quite ready for the deeper waters of Anse de Pitons, there is an interesting dive to be had at Virgin Cove. It does not have a fully developed reef, but there is plenty of colourful coral as well as barrel sponges and other marine life such as crabs, eels, fish shrimps and sea worms.

Despite the lack of a fully formed reef, the marine life at Virgin Cove is still very diverse and the light and water clarity are unmatched, making this one of the easiest and most enjoyable snorkelling areas for everyone from veterans to novices.

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